Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cora: 9 Months

What a sweet season of life this is! Cora's personality is in full swing. She is determined and bousterious, strong-willed and joyful. She brings smiles to faces wherever we go.

Cora is an amazing little eater! We started doing Baby Led Weaning when she turned six months old and she continues to amaze us! She does an incredible job feeding herself and loves everything from scrambled eggs to hummus and broccoli. She continues to nurse frequently throughout the day as well. She has two teeth with more on the way!

Sleep is not this girl's strong suite! :) Similar to her mama she likes to nap (and does multiple times a day), but she still struggles to sleep through the night. It's a continuous work in progress :). However, the last few nights have been her best, yet. Maybe we're at a turning point?! 

Cora loves Moses (and she is the apple of his eye). Their relationship makes my heart burst. They truly adore each other. She finds him hilarious…and she brings him great joy. They play with next to each other most of the day. They share a common love for duplos and blocks.

She's on the move! Cora is crawling and pulling herself up and moving from one object to another while standing. The baby gates are up and the house is more "baby friendly" than it was months ago.

She's a mommy's girl…and say's "ma-ma" all day to prove it. We definitely have stranger anxiety
going on and trips to the YMCA and church nursery are more tear-filled than they use to be. However, she warms up quickly. She loves our extended family and as long as I'm not in view she does great in their arms.

She's growing! Cora had her 9 month appointment yesterday. She weighs 18lbs 6oz (53rd percentile) and was 27 1/2 inches tall (43rd percentile).

So grateful for this little girl…her crazy faces and warm embrace. She keeps us on our toes and brings us great joy! I can't believe how fast the last NINE MONTHS have gone! Here's to more memories in the making! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

A few weeks ago we went to Hart Tree Farm in Rockford to cut down our Christmas tree. It was cold and snowy and the perfect winter wonderland. We've been looking forward to this since our days in Raleigh and we weren't disappointed! Moses loves the snow and found just as much enjoyment running up and down the rows of trees as he did helping Jim cut down the perfect tree (which he picked out). Cora did great, and drifted off to sleep snuggled in the Ergo as the boys carried the tree back.

Thankful for moments like these…