Friday, July 11, 2014


For seven years North Carolina has been our home.
We have been stretched and challenged in multiple ways during our time here.
We've become slightly "southernized"(y'all) and our blood has thinned.

We found community.
We were well loved.

…and we are truly going to miss this place.

But, our time here is quickly coming to an end. James accepted a job in the great mitten state. We're excited to do life with family and long time friends, once again.  So while we are ecstatic for what awaits, my heart already mourns for what we're leaving behind (family, friends, community, mild winters, chick-fil-a, & trader joes to name a few :) ).  Yet, in this season of transition…we can see God at work.  His fingerprints are all over this.  There is no doubt that while this is HARD…really hard…it is right where God wants us.

The unknowns are great.
But, good things await…
(and I will learn how to embrace the cold & snow once again!).


The Speck Family said...

Best wishes as you transition back to Michigan! xo

the partons said...

Are you guys moving around the GR area? I know there's a Trader Joe's in Northville - can't believe there aren't any on the west side of the state! Wish we'd lived in Michigan at the same time! I'm praying for your family as you transition back "home" - we went through those same mixed emotions. Wishing you many blessings as you settle into a new place with your sweet family.