Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Beyond grateful that I get the honor and privilege to be their mom. So thankful for their snuggles and sweet laughter...for challenging moments that continue to teach me more about myself and my need for grace...and the power of coffee...and the words, "I love you"...
They continue to teach me how to love big and see the world through innocent see beauty in the simple...and to laugh, often. 

They keep me accountable and keep me coming back to Jesus with gratitude and pleas for patience...and energy...and wisdom to do this life well. 

They keep our home messy...and family meals entertaining. They bring joy, immeasurable joy, to the mundane and fill our lives with an abundance of love. 

Mother's Day...a day that doesn't come without grief, longing and great joy. 

Yet, today the tears are few and the celebration great. Thankful for the role model I had and for this life...what an honor to be a mom to this crazy crew. 

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the partons said...

So sweet. I was thinking of you & Jim yesterday. Praising God for his comfort & peace in your life! :) xo