Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ocean Isle

It was the perfect escape from the reality that my maternity leave was quickly coming to an end. The weather was perfect. A long weekend spent with family (some who traveled long distances to be there). It was a reunion for cousins (and for some it was their first time meeting Cora). Mornings were laid back and lazy...filled with walks on the beach, lots of coffee, amazing cinnamon rolls, and good company. Afternoons were spent at the beach and pool-playing frisbee and football, digging in the sand, and chasing little ones. Evenings were filled with games, ice cream and laughter. No one was ready to say goodbye--to this place of paradise--and each other. But, alas...all good things must come to an end. Until we meet again...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Beyond grateful that I get the honor and privilege to be their mom. So thankful for their snuggles and sweet laughter...for challenging moments that continue to teach me more about myself and my need for grace...and the power of coffee...and the words, "I love you"...
They continue to teach me how to love big and see the world through innocent see beauty in the simple...and to laugh, often. 

They keep me accountable and keep me coming back to Jesus with gratitude and pleas for patience...and energy...and wisdom to do this life well. 

They keep our home messy...and family meals entertaining. They bring joy, immeasurable joy, to the mundane and fill our lives with an abundance of love. 

Mother's Day...a day that doesn't come without grief, longing and great joy. 

Yet, today the tears are few and the celebration great. Thankful for the role model I had and for this life...what an honor to be a mom to this crazy crew. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Two Months

Sweet Cora, 
It's hard to believe two months have passed since we met. What a blessing (& adjustment!) the past 9 weeks have been. 

You're growing up so fast. You're much more alert now...and your smiles melt us all. You're cooing as I type this...and you're perfectly content. 

 I treasure our precious time together...and I adore your sweet snuggles (which I get a lot of because you're a lot happier in my arms than out!)

We're eager to see if those baby blues stay and your hair is starting to show signs of curl. 

You adore your brother and he loves to entertain you with his storytelling or crazy dance moves. 

We're so grateful for you! 
We love you, sister.