Thursday, April 24, 2014

If you were still here...

I would ask you... did you mother four children, keep the house clean, put a nutritious dinner on the table (and have time to research new and exciting recipes), be present in our lives AND have time to sew? did you have time to record all of the minute details of our childhood in great detail (with the most eloquent handwriting) for all four of us? did you endure those long days with multiple little ones with such so little sleep? Was coffee your best friend, too? 

...what gave you the greatest joy as a mom? ...and what caused you the greatest heartaches? (Besides age 13) you remember when you went to the grocery store for the first time with multiple little ones...and you felt proud of yourself for making it out with a cart full of groceries AND all of us?

I wish I could tell you...

...I no longer blame you (or anyone else) for putting sugar on my paci when my colicky self wouldn't stop crying. I now fully understand such irrational behavior. 

...I now understand your love of catalog shopping. There's something beautiful about not leaving the couch (with a cup of tea/coffee or wine in hand) and ordering clothes. 

...Not a day goes by that our kiddos don't know about you and the love you had for them-long before their time. 

...Moses refers to you as his "Grandma with Jesus". It melts my heart and yet brings me such pain. 

...Being a mom is such a blessing. I wouldn't trade it for the world. So much of who I am is because of you. 

...I appreciate you so much more now...for all you did back then. 


Thursday, April 10, 2014


I am loving my days at home with the kiddos and slowly we are finding a new rhythm to our day. Cora is such a blessing. She loves to be held (and hates to be put down!), she smiles at the sound of Moses' voice, and she has an appetite as big as her brothers! Moses is a big help and finds great delight in Cora and his new role. Although the days have their challenges, it is such a sweet, sweet season and my heart is full. 

Here are a few recent pictures! 
Cora turned one month old on April 3! 

Tigers opening day!
Family walks
Moses loves to dig in the dirt!
Saturday soccer
Farm Days at NC State