Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas was filled with traditions (new and of years past)
and an incredible amount of joy.

I had to work Christmas day, so we celebrated on Christmas Eve (and the night before!)
On December 23, we watched the Polar Express while indulging in popcorn and hot chocolate.
We woke the next morning and made breakfast together.
We opened gifts and enjoyed a quiet day at home.
We ended the day surrounded by our church family at our Christmas Eve service.
It was simple.
and perfect...

...filled with awe & wonder
(and sweet, sweet laughter)

1 comment:

the partons said...

yay for christmas traditions!! :)
that stinks that you had to work on christmas, but i'm glad to hear you guys made the best of it & improvised! :) love the pics, as always!