Thursday, November 8, 2012

looking back.

Next week I rejoin the working world. 
Twelve weeks went by way too fast and in these fleeting moments
i find myself reflecting on what has come to be.
I can confidently say it has been the best three months of my life.
It has been challenging and enlightening.
Being Mo's mom has been nothing short of incredible.

There were moments in Ethiopia that I sat next to my son,
whose crying I couldn't console, 
and I closed my eyes and simply cried, too.

I found myself crying out to God.
for wisdom. patience. energy. 
all while thinking,
this is the beauty of the cross.

i am broken
and i desperately need my Savior.

Those days were beyond hard.
we were all weary. exhausted. confused.

By the grace of God we have come so far. 

He is so full of JOY.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude.


rachel said...

um - the crying with the babe... totally been there. love this post so much. i'll be praying for your transition back to work.

K and K and kids said...

the joy will continue and the balance will come--glad you had that time--priceless!