Thursday, November 1, 2012

just a glimpse..

jumping into parenting a 2 1/2 year old is pretty wild
and at times it's down right hard.
but, the blessings are bountiful 
& my heart is full.

i love seeing the world through Mo's eyes.

he finds great joy in smelling the coffee beans
or running his hands through the bag of bird seed.

he loves "sweet treats" and with a huge grin says, "yuuummmmy".

his laughter is contagious when we "race" around the track in our kitchen...
...or march with our homemade {oatmeal container} drums. makes his soul come alive.

i admire his child-like faith.
and "i love you Jesus" 
has never sounded so sweet.

he is an incredible little guy.
he has taught me so much...and daily he reminds me to slow down
and take in the simple joys this world has to offer.

{on this particular day
it was blanket rides through the kitchen}

i love moments like this.

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K and K and kids said...

I enjoy those puffed up cheeks! Enjoy every moment Jim and Emily and let his laughter fill your heart!