Saturday, November 10, 2012


I love my wife. I love my son. 

I am sitting here on a Saturday night at 11:00pm with my wife and son already sleeping. I'm not out with friends, searching craigslist, watching sports, or doing grad school work (which I should be doing) - I'm writing this blog.

As I sit here in the calmness of a house that is usually reverberating with the sounds of laughter and little footsteps running all throughout the house, I can not help but thank God for the blessings of my life.

I am typically not the blogging type, but tonight I just wanted to write.

Moses has been home for 71 days, and I can't imagine life without him. He is such a sweet and joyous boy, and an absolute blessing to us! He has greatly changed our lives in so many ways...

Our kitchen table is no longer a place where we sometimes eat meals, it is now the center point of our house. Every meal is around the table. We sit as a family, pray as a family, and eat as a family every night. Dinner time, albeit a bit slower these days, is such a welcomed part of my day. It allows me quality time with both my wife, and son, without any other distractions.

Our kitchen, for that matter, is no longer a place just for food and dishes, it is now a race track. It is almost a nightly ritual that we will have a race around our kitchen after dinner (He's preparing for a big race against his cousins this winter - Watch out E and T - Lightning McMoses is coming)!

Our TV is no longer that important, rather, the cd player and music from our phones fills the house throughout the evenings with our son doing his best to sing (and dance) along. I love it.

Raking leaves is no longer a just a chore, it is an adventure. Jumping into piles of leaves and raking them back into a pile to do it again is now the plan when I grab a rake.

Soccer is no longer that sport that I never got into, it is the highlight of our time outside. The way he runs, laughs, and kicks the ball all while being chased by his daddy is quite the sight.

Date night is no longer going out to a restaurant for dinner, it is eating ice cream and watching a movie or just talking (at 9:30pm) on a Friday night (when did we get so old?).

Saturdays are no longer a day to just do projects around the house, they are days to get breakfast for mommy, and explore the parks in our area. Moses and I go out on Saturday mornings, before Emily gets up, to get muffins, cinnamon rolls, or cinnamon bread/monkey bread for breakfast. He then brings it into the house and runs to find mommy - alerting her that it is time to eat. We will then usually head out to a park in the area and go for a family walk. Moses loves being in his stroller and feeding the ducks at the multiple lakes in our area. It doesn't get much better.

Watching a movie is no longer just something to do, it is now "Family Movie Day." Moses watched his first real movie this past weekend, Cars (thanks grandpa and grandma), and we made a big deal out of it. Our living room was transformed into a large "bed" of pillows and blankets, and we ate homemade kettle corn (it even warranted an appearance by Raffie). He LOVED it. The boy loves cars and food - we couldn't have screwed this one up if we tried.

Our goodbyes are no longer a simple hug and kiss, they are now multiple hugs and kisses, and usually a family hug or two. Perfect.

There are so many other "changes" that have occurred, but these are just a few that are orchestrating this blog tonight. I am so blessed.

Like I said earlier...

I love my wife! I love my son!


three little birds said...

this is really beautiful Jim, I am so happy for all three of you!

Becky said...

What a beautiful post to your wife and son! Makes me so happy for you guys and totally can relate to the joy you have. :)

The Speck Family said...

So sweet, James. You are a blessed family :):)

the partons said...

SO cute.
love hearing dad's perspective. :)
such a sweet family.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are embarking up adopting from Ecuador, which has led me to many blogs, websites, etc. Your homecoming video touched my heart in so many ways. I am so happy for your family and hope that we are blessed the same. I wish you all a lifetime of love, health and happiness.