Wednesday, October 24, 2012


i love saturdays
for the beautiful traditions
of muffins, sleep & quality family time

james is an amazing dad & an incredible husband. 

he graciously lets me sleep in on saturdays
and he sneaks out of the house with Mo
before the sun rises

together they go to their special spot,

 a fully enclosed pedistrian
bridge that crosses a major highway

they watch the cars & trucks pass below
{and do their best to grab the attention of the semi-drivers to hear a "honk"}

all the while i soak up some uninterrupted sleep.

soon after 7:30 i wake to the sweet sound of,
"good morning, mommy"
and there stands my sweet ethiopian babe,
with muffins in hand.

life is so good, friends.
so grateful for my boys & sweet traditions. 

here are pictures from this past saturday's morning adventure
{even "Raffie" took part!}

 "Raffie" and Moses
{the greatest stuffed animal, ever}

 on the bridge

 he is growing up


DIP said...

i too love the saturday morning extra sleep time! :)
so cute about the boys and their adventures together.
that hat is amazing.
the pic with m's hands in his pocket - he does look SO much older! slow down, buddy.

rachel said...

^ that's from me...

Jenni said...

Oh my Em! He is so sweet, I never get tired of looking at pictures of him...and what a great tradition to start for him and Jim, love it!!