Sunday, February 13, 2011

Been awhile...

So, it has been quite some time since the last post, my apologies. Life has been busy lately.

However, this past weekend was great. Emily actually had the entire weekend off - crazy! We tried our best to make the most of it. As persuaded by the nice weather, we did some early "spring" cleaning. We attacked our master closet and began a donation to GCF pile - which quickly grew into a mountain. We also began clearing out the soon-to-be-nursery which has been used mostly as a big closet for the past year. It feels good to have all that stuff cleared out of our house!

With temps in the 60's we also spent some time outside taking a long walk through the neighborhood, doing some yard work, oh, and one more thing - we played CATCH, with a baseball!! It was great, seriously, it was great. I felt like a little annoying friend as I kept begging Emily all day to play catch with me... she finally caved - and I think she had a good time, she made a lot of progress.

I'll use the following two pictures to help explain.

When we started today, we had this...

By the end of the day we had THIS!

I'm just saying... she made some SERIOUS progress. This could be a great summer (if she puts up with my nagging, or rather, gives in to my nagging).

We also went out with our great friends, Andy & Amy, Saturday night for some good Italian food and some shopping at one of the outdoor malls in the area. It is always a great time whenever we get together.

Going back a few days, I experienced my first ever lockdown at school. It was a "Code Yellow" lockdown, which means there is a threat in the area around the school (not inside the school). Nobody was allowed in the school, and nobody was allowed out. And of course this happened 5 minutes before dismissal was to start. We ended up finally getting the OK to start dismissing kids from school just before 5:00pm. The lockdown happened because of a bank robbery/hostage situation taking place 3-4 miles down the road. Pretty crazy (kids can get pretty antsy when they are required to stay at school for longer than a normal school day, well, TEACHERS too for that matter).

Too bad tomorrow has to be Monday already, here's to another week!