Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Michigan Recap!

It is so sweet for my soul to be surrounded by family and friends,
and this trip home was no different.

There is something so sweet about going back to our roots. maybe it has something to do with the comfort, security and memories of our past and dreams for our future.

Whatever the reason, being back in GR brought us great joy.
We spent countless hours laughing, catching up, reading to our ridiculously adorable nephews and snuggling with them, and just "being" with those we love.

Here are a few priceless pictures of our time home.

Our attempt at a family Christmas photo:
Take ONE.
[a real glimpse into family life!]

Take Two.
[dog escapes]

Take Three.
by this time I couldn't stop laughing!
We surprised my parents with
tickets to FL...
because, it's been way too long.
[and because they're amazing & we love them so.]
Evan & Uncle Jim.
I'm smitten.
Sisters & best friends.
[who coordinate well]
so blessed.

More pictures of the Hapner Christmas party to come!


Kathy said...

Love you two so much!!!

Anonymous said...

you guys sure belong to a great looking hapner family...i think, it is tough to tell with these pictures