Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Michigan, Part TWO.

Sorry for the delay, the rest of our pictures were from Dad's camera and saved somewhere on our Mac....which confuses me at times:) But, I found them!
Christmas continues...

Reading to the kiddos.
Rick, Julie & Evan.
[with ridiculously good looking parents, it's
no wonder why we have the cutest nephews, ever!]
LOVE this one! Sweet baby Truett.
It was cold. We were going to go sledding.
Jim tried on his dad's carhartts.
...just a smidge too big.
Love this one too! Kris, James & Faith.
Playing cars, under the kitchen table, of course.
Reading, and holding cars:)

We are so blessed to have such incredible and supportive families.
Thanks for the laughter and good times...
We can't wait to see everyone again in April!

much love.

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