Friday, December 3, 2010

December two.

Yesterday was an amazing day.
I finally got back to the gym after a time away, spent the day with K, my 18th month old little buddy, went for a walk and enjoyed a day off from work!

AND, last night...
There is a couple that we've become quite close with.
They are from the midwest [chicago to be exact]
Shannon works at the same school as Jim.
They're hilarious.
and they love our dog..
[a huge bonus]

December two is Shannon's birthday as well.
The guys planned a surprise hurrah for us.
It was a riot!
[birthday girls.]

Although the night didn't go exactly as planned...
[the outdoor ice-skating rink was made out of plywood and plastic!]
dinner was incredible and the company divine!

and the dessert was so, so good.

It was the perfect way to kick-off another year.

[and check our adoption blog for one of the best birthday gifts, yet!]

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