Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Countdown till Turkey.

A countdown till Thanksgiving...and today I'm particularly thankful for our family!

we're so blessed.

I'm thankful for video chats and opportunities to see my nephews grow, while being over 700 miles away.

I'm grateful for telephone calls and gmail chats with my sis [and sis-in-laws]
weekly, if not daily.

I'm GRATEFUL for the support of our parents.
and their abundant LOVE.

we're stoked to go home in January.
I long for family dinners.
and fireside chats.
cuddle time with the little guys.
and laughing with the siblings.

and mom's home-cookin' :)

Until then, we hope y'all know we're extremely thankful for you!


Kathy said...

And we are thankful that God blessed us with the two of you!

PS Must I brush up on my cooking before you get home? Seems like I've been asking you for the recipes lately

Kristin said...

I'm very thankful for you guys too!! I can't wait to see you. It's been way to long. And there's someone I can't wait for you to meet. :)