Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Lovin'

It's officially my favorite season...and it's finally feeling like fall in Raleigh! The air was crisp tonight. Jeans and long sleeves were worn [with flop flips, of course!] The 7 day forecast shows temperatures in the low 70s and sunny. The air is off, windows open, apple cider scented candles burning....oh, welcome back fall! After a scorching summer, it's a beautiful thing...

The farmer's market is my favorite this time of year and that's were we started off on this Saturday morning [pumpkin spiced coffee in hand!]

We bought mums. sweet potatoes. and apples grown in the mountains of NC.

We spent the afternoon and evening with our good friends, John, Kristin & Josiah. We did a shopping at the little outlet mall, then found a local sports bar and watched the Michigan football game! It was a blessing to reunite with dear friends and cheer on our faithful home team to a victory over Indiana.

a great Saturday indeed.

Fall weather. Farmer's market.Flip flops.Friends.Football. & Flannel pj's.

simply delightful!
[White pumpkins are my favorite...
don't you agree, Andy?!]

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