Friday, August 27, 2010


When I arrived home yesterday after babysitting, an intricate part of me was missing from our driveway.

The cavy!!!
[it finally sold.]

A sigh of relief.

She was my first love.
I have so many memories with that spunky little car, the night I drove my dear friend Becky to the ER in college for kidney stones [during a Michigan ice storm in April], driving to Calvin hockey games, road trips to Pennsylvania, Chicago, Detroit and North Carolina, getting lost downtown Grand Rapids during my early years working at the hospital, the constant battle of the engine light [that to this day hasn't gone off], the proud moment I became her owner and immediately purchased a Hawaiian leis air freshener, oh and the list goes on...

She treated me well.
and so, the night before her departure....we said our farewells.

The "senior" picture I never had.

Oh, you will not be forgotten...

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john & kristin. said...

hold onto the memories, em! long live the cavy!!

how do you make your pics look like polaroids? that is sweet!