Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the falcon has left the nest...

Jim wrapped up his last days at Green Hope Elementary the end of June.
A bittersweet ending, indeed.
He had stolen the hearts of many.
They called him, Mr. HapENer.
The girls had a crush.
He received the sweetest and most thoughtful notes and gifts of appreciation.
Three years in the making....

goodbye GHE!
You will be missed.

on to bigger and better different things.

We celebrated the beginning of the new school year with chocolate milk, champagne & cake.
James spent the first week attending meetings and prepping.
I spent last week Thursday making bulletin boards and decorating [BEST part of marrying a teacher]

He tracked out of school on Friday for three weeks.
Left for Panama City on Sunday with our church's high school youth group.
...and I'm in NC working all week, bragging on the man I married.
[distance does make the heart grow fonder]

As one of his cards said....
"You. Are. Awesome.
And by awesome, we mean totally awesome."

...i completely agree.
bright & early
first day of school 2010

first day of school sign.
alligator & all.

a cake to end the day.


a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear MOM!

You'll always be 36 in my mind
[i think that's when i stopped counting...seriously]
Love you, so much.
Can't wait to celebrate next week!


Anonymous said...

I see the chocolate milk in his hand - did he bring the cake and champgne to school on the first day? I dont know about this Mr. Hapner character...

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear daughter for noticing that I was still 39! You are priceless and we are all eager to see you, Jim and Bentley. Love You so Much, Mom

Specks said... the first day of school picture. i love reading your updates and glad you guys are doing well! lots of love from mn!

Anonymous said...

Once a month updates huh?? sounds like you guys should live a more BIG announcement kind of life...