Sunday, June 13, 2010

Then & Now.

It's been a crazy and completely wonderful start to summer. My parents were here for nine days. We were so blessed to have their company and their helping hands! We conquered a lot....and took pictures along the way. Here's a look at the much needed changes!

We went from this,.. this
living in luxury.
[just missing the grandpa hat & handicap sticker.]

From brass... antique bronze.

From this open, unused loft...

to this!!!!

Our new built-in bookshelves & window seat!!!
[still a work in progress!]

AND. We painted our spare bedroom!
[complete with a new ceiling fan.]

so, come visit. We even have a bed for you.

a glance from above.

finally feeling like home.

THANKS Mom & Dad for all your hard work! Dad, the bookshelves look amazing! We're still in awe every time we go upstairs. What a difference a week makes! We love you!

Back to busy work weeks. We'll continue to update with stay tuned!

jim & em


Anonymous said...

NICE! Looks good. Well, i see that you have the guest bed, now all you need is another bed and crib and we will be all set!

Anonymous said...

OR you could just move back North and then we would really be all set!

Kristin said...

Lookin' good. I need a ceiling fan in my room....want to put one up?

K and K and kids said...

your house looks great! I love the built in shelves and bench...sweet ride too! Have a fun summer!