Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where have we been?!

Michigan & Florida!
For a birth, a funeral, and a vacation...

Our computer is finally fixed [thanks, Alan!] and at last, I downloaded our pictures! Here is a glimpse into our life the last month! [In reverse order!]

We spent 10 days in Florida, with Brendan and Courtney, visiting my grandparents.
A taste of paradise, indeed!
in our Sunday best...awkward & windy.
We spent endless hours on the seawall...we spotted dolphins, manatee, sea slugs and skate.
We saw alligators...and we ate some too! [it tastes like chicken.]
Dinner at Snook Inn...delicious.
love my bro.

and a few Michigan pictures...
Grandpa and sweet little "B"
The Bonthuis clan...with the newest addition!
We missed you, Jim!

And...that's it!
back to reality...

with LOVE.

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