Thursday, March 25, 2010


This, my friends, is what has kept me occupied the past couple of weeks...

introducing....Jumping on the Bed Designs!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome back Spring!

Yesterday was a perfect way to welcome back Spring.

Earlier in the week, we had originally thought about going to the IKEA, in Charlotte, with John and Kristin. However, when we all saw the forecast for Saturday we reconsidered. With a forecasted high of 81 degrees in Raleigh we decided spending the day driving to and from Charlotte was no longer a good idea. The plan then changed to have them come up here Saturday afternoon/evening to hang out and grill out and enjoy the great weather.

The day started off early as Emily and I had a lot on the to-do list for the day. I spent about 3 1/2 hours in the backyard raking, cutting branches, and destroying weeds and ivy and trying to get our yard back into shape. Emily joined me when she returned from the flea market. We live next to a creek and apparently that is were the previous homeowners/renters just dumped anything from leaves, branches, a football, a towel, and some rather large logs (from a tree they obviously cut down... because the stump is still in the ground).

(The section in the parenthesis is just a story that makes me laugh every time I tell it, so bear with me as I take a detour from my main story---I guess this dumping ground was also open to the neighbors in the past as I met one of our neighbors as he was dumping his yard waste in our backyard, on the creek bed-- which is still on our property. Our meeting went something like this: I notice, as I'm cleaning the grill, a man walking, from two houses down, through our neighbor's yard and then our yard straight to the creek. The man proceeds to dump his branches on the bank of the creek. Me: Sir, do you realize where you are dumping your branches is still my property? Neighbor: This right here is your property... into the creek? Me: Actually, yes it is still our property if you look down into the creek area you'll see a pink flag which marks the edge of our property. Neighbor: Yeah, that one right there (pointing the pink flag that marks the back of our yard- not the flag that marks the edge of our property in the creek bed). Me: No, that one marks the back of our property line... look into the creek and you'll see a pink flag that marks the edge of our property. Neighbor: THAT RIGHT THERE?!? (pointing to the correct flag this time) Me: yeah that one Neighbor: Oh, I always thought this was neutral ground... sorry about that, I really didn't know. Me: muttering to myself... wow, this is awkward. The conversation continued and we ended up talking for like 5 minutes... he's a nice guy. His name is Tyrone. Then he went home... with his branches).

Okay, fast forward back to this weekend...

We then ran a few errands and finished cleaning some things up before our guests were due to arrive.

John and Kristin got to our house around 5:00pm and we spent some time catching up and preparing dinner. A quick glimpse into the menu: Beer Brats, hamburgers, marinated chicken, homemade fries and sweet potato fries, grilled pineapple, raw veggies, avocado topping for the burgers, key lime pie, Labatts, Trader Joe's version of Corona, and some apple cider beer. Phenomenal! We spent the next couple of hours on the deck grilling and eating, and in the backyard-playing cornhole. It was an amazing night of food, fun, and fellowship with great friends. I couldn't have asked for a better "first day of spring." We even played a little euchre before they headed home for the night. (Thanks Germanceris for making the trip up, we had a great time!)

Today was spent going to church, doing more yard work, doing some crafty related activities (emily was doing that), and a few little tasks inside the house.

What a great weekend! Between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening, we spent about 8 hours outside working in the yard doing clean-up. We have filled 25 bags (39-gallon capacity bags) with yard waste and can't wait for them to be picked up! Even with all that work done, we have a ton more to do in the backyard...

Oh and one more thing... I got sunburned (sun burnt, sunburn... i don't know... my skin was burned by the sun) yesterday. love it.

Hope everyone is doing well.