Thursday, January 7, 2010

oh. happy. day.

Happy New Year!

Here's to a random post of goodness, by yours truly.

My parents & Sar have come and gone. We played a lot of games. Ate a lot of sweets. Shopped till [some of us] dropped. Made pizza. Drank beer. Worked on house projects. and a good time.

Jim started back to school after a two week break. He has 8 more days of teaching before he tracks out for 3 weeks.

We have a threat of snow tonight. Wake County has already posted a two-hour delay for schools tomorrow. awesome.

I have 5 days off of work randomly. I love working three [long] days a week. At last, the house will be cleaned, laundry done [maybe] and the fridge restocked.

WE'RE COMING HOME THE END OF THIS MONTH! [we leave in 19 days ...but, who's counting?!?! ok. we are. we can't wait.]

We went to our favorite hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurant tonight.
so. good.

We wrote our New Years Resolutions on our kitchen wall...and somehow movie quotes and news headlines appeared as well. [perhaps we will use it as motivation to paint our kitchen sooner rather than later!]

here's to 2010.

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