Wednesday, December 16, 2009

merry & bright.

dear anonymous,
here is a post just for you, whoever you are.

PS. please identify yourself.


as of lately...

just me & my dog after a day's work.
Watching a movie with my sister, who lives 700 miles away!
Thank you gmail [and our webcam] for making it possible.

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party!

us. before our church Christmas party

All is well over here. We're settling in to our new house and slowly making it our home. Jim has two weeks off after Friday and I have a crazy busy work schedule through the holidays....SO,
someone please adopt my husband for Christmas!
interested? please call.


with LOVE.


Kristin said...

I'll adopt him, but it may be a bit of a drive for him.

Anonymous said...

Well Well Well, a special post just for me?? I like it!! Seeing as how i visit this blog nearly every day. I love the sweaters! Uncle Eddie - I mean Uncle Jim looks great!! ooops did i give away my anonymous status?
Miss you Auntie Em & Uncle Bim

Leah said...

you guys are too cute. are we still friends even though I don't call you? I sure hope so. Forgive me.