Monday, October 26, 2009


Our time in the mountains was amazing.
Our time with family was much needed.
We laughed [a lot].
We hiked [it was glorious].
We cuddled [with Evan].
We had campfires [and roasted marshmallows].
We played games.
Drank spiced cider.
Ate like kings & queens [thanks to Dad & Sue!]
Took naps [surprising?!]
and thoroughly enjoyed our time away.

Here are a few pictures of our vacation. More to come!

[Pictures don't do it justice]


they're the best.

We're back in Raleigh and now homeowners....the fun continues!
We're covered in paint.
The "to-do" list is almost overwhelming.
Yet, we're enjoying [almost] every minute of it!

PS. Being an aunt is definitely one of life's greatest blessings....and the blessings are multiplying! Rachael & Scott are expecting a baby boy in April!

love & goodnight.

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rachel said...

congrats on the new home! can't wait to see pics of the progress.