Monday, October 26, 2009


Our time in the mountains was amazing.
Our time with family was much needed.
We laughed [a lot].
We hiked [it was glorious].
We cuddled [with Evan].
We had campfires [and roasted marshmallows].
We played games.
Drank spiced cider.
Ate like kings & queens [thanks to Dad & Sue!]
Took naps [surprising?!]
and thoroughly enjoyed our time away.

Here are a few pictures of our vacation. More to come!

[Pictures don't do it justice]


they're the best.

We're back in Raleigh and now homeowners....the fun continues!
We're covered in paint.
The "to-do" list is almost overwhelming.
Yet, we're enjoying [almost] every minute of it!

PS. Being an aunt is definitely one of life's greatest blessings....and the blessings are multiplying! Rachael & Scott are expecting a baby boy in April!

love & goodnight.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the best is yet to come...

we're anxious.
we're excited.
we're in survival mode for 2 more days.


it's time, my friends. It feels like we've been on the go constantly over the last few months. I've been working almost every Saturday since the start of summer [by choice], but it has left us with very little time off together. Jim's last day is Friday. He's off for 3 weeks. 2 more days of work for me and than I'm off for 9 days.

Pure bliss.

And, did I mention we have a visitor coming on Saturday!?!

sipping on my tea.
a sigh of relief.

good things are happening over here.

PS. Change of plans-our closing date was postponed 2 days. Wednesday is the big day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

friday, at last!

We're ready for a vacation! 7 more days...

What a week! As Jim is wrapping up his second to last week before track-out, the meetings are out of control and the stress level is rising! However, you would never be able to tell...he hides his emotions well. I don't. Can you say...hormones;)

On Wednesday I represented Calvin at a local college fair. It was a riot. I think if I ever need a change from nursing, I would consider an admissions counselor position. Good times.

Last night we volunteered for World Vision at the Todd Agnew and Building 429 concert. What an awesome experience! We helped people sign up to sponsor kids who live in communities affected by AIDS. It was a great concert and a powerful reminder that the world is so much bigger than us. Seeing the photos of hundreds of children who are living in poverty in an AIDS-stricken land truly puts our needs, wants, and stresses into perspective.

World Vision is doing incredible things...and it was a honor to represent them last night!

Speaking of Word Vision, this Sunday my Uncle Tim [Hoekstra] is running 23.8 miles to the start of the Chicago Marathon and then running the 26.2 miles of the marathon itself [50 miles total] He is running with "Team World Vision". His goal is to raise 5o,000 dollars for clean water in Africa and for a new runners/walkers mentoring program in Chicago. He's celebrating 50 years of life, running 50 miles, raising 50K. Prayers are appreciated as he embarks on this journey. Uncle Tim, we'll be cheering you on from Raleigh! We wish we could be there! If interested in supporting the cause, please visit for more information.

Ah yes, the weekend is almost upon us.
good times.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

fall lovin'

I love October...a month which routine sets in after a crazy September, football games, cooler weather, and this year....visitors! This is going to be a great month, indeed.

I had the past weekend off, which was amazing. Saturday we went to the farmer's market, went hiking at Umstead, went on a few walks, went out for lunch and crossed off numerous items on the infamous "to-do" list. It was an accomplished day, and it felt great.

Today, Jim's Aunt Pat & Uncle Bob were passing through Raleigh, so we spent the day showing them around the area. We visited our new house, Jim's school, my hospital, Duke's gardens and chapel. They are some of our favorite people & it was a great to spend time with them. We miss our families greatly and truly treasure our times together. It was great to have them visit our stomping grounds, too!

Kristin, Jim's sister will be here in less than two weeks! We're counting down the days. We become homeowners on the 19th [crazy!] and then we'll join Rick, Julie and Evan in the mountains on the 21st.

ah, yes.
life is great. and crazy. and busy.
and we are so blessed.

Looking with great excitement to the weeks ahead!

PS. i love all the random text messages/emails I have received from people because they know how much i love fall....l love knowing that when you light a fall scented candle or snuggle up with a blanket and sip on apple cider-you think of me. you make my day.