Monday, August 10, 2009

Eight days

A full eight days of quality time with family and friends.

The trip to Michigan was great, what else can I say. Our first trip back to Michigan in a long time without any real reason besides just to visit, left almost all of our days open. Our agenda for the week was rather flexible which allowed for many last minute activities or adventures for which we were grateful.

Whether it was a softball game, a family dinner, ultimate frisbee night, a rather large garage sale, tubing down a river, golfing, driving your nephew around on the tractor (the saving grace for my relationship with Little E), playing corn-hole, badminton, a traditional game of wiffle ball in the backyard, a cookout with friends, a bonfire at Rick and Julie's (and jokes-especially really, really, REALLY long jokes), roofing a chicken coop, Real Food Cafe for breakfast, Red Geranium for breakfast, going out for coffee or lunch, Housemans ice cream, crystal cone ice cream, Housemans ice cream again, the Tigers game (phenominal), or a Sarah-made pancake breakfast the morning we headed back to NC (Sarah, you making us breakfast food is turning in to some sort of tradition, and I like it), we thoroughly enjoyed the time that our friends and family took from their schedules to spend time with us (or put us to work)!

That is an extremely condensed version of the trip, and there would be pictures.... BUT or camera no longer feels like opening. awesome.

That is all for now.

PS - Howabout the takedown Porcello had on Youkilis last night... good stuff (disclaimer: I do not condone a batter charging the mound or a pitcher intentionally throwing at a batter.... but it can be fun to watch).

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