Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goodbye Estrogen!

I am now in my 2nd week of the new school year, and after 2 years I finally have my OWN room! No more sharing a normal size classroom with 2 females teachers, a female Teacher's Assistant and 2, yes 2, female student teachers (for this past year)! I couldn't be happier about the move. I can now be loud, move around, and play music before and after school at my own discretion without distracting anyone but myself.

My schedule is quite a bit different this year than the past couple of years. I have 2 kindergartners on my case load. So my case load now spans every grade level K-5... weird.

I am pushing-in to the Kindergarten class for the 2 students because it quite beneficial for them to be apart of the first classroom experience. Both of the students have concerns with social interactions with peers and adults, so part of my time in their class spans their recess time. sweet.

I was a little hesitant going into the kindergarten class the first day, as I am not used to working with such youngsters. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to survive with a bunch of 5 year olds.

I sat next to one of my students during her snack time and we started to have a simple conversation. It then turned into a discussion with the entire table of 4 students.

It all started with another girl at the table having apple sauce for snack, and I said " mm, applesauce, that is a good snack."
It then turned into a 3 person conversation between the two boys at the table and myself... the girls did not participate in this one.

Boy 1: "Do you like applesauce?"
Me: "Yes, I really like applesauce."
Boy 1: "Have you ever had apple juice?"
enter boy 2: Boy 2: "Apple juice is good..."
Me: "Yes I have."
Boy 1: "What about orange juice?"
Boy 2: "grape juice is good, I love grape juice!"
Me: Yes, I have had orange juice, it's good."
Boy 2: "Have you ever had grape juice?"
Boy 1: "Yeah grape juice, have you ever had grape juice?"
Me: "Yes, I have had grape juice, and you're right... it is good."
Boy 1: "What about pomagamet juice (pomegranate), have you had that?
Me: "yes, but not very much, it is a new juice to me."
chewing on his muffin: Boy 2: "mmmhmm, yeah"
Boy 1: "What about pear juice?"
Me: "You know what, I don't think I have had pear juice before."
Boy 1: "Oh, pear juice keeps your
poopies strong in case you eat too much cheese."
choking back laughter: Me: "Okay then."

Yup, I think I will do just fine in the kindergarten after all.

I hope everyone is doing well, and that you are little more informed after reading this blog.


Anonymous said...

DUDE!! aftr all these years...Pear juice is the ANSWER??!! Look out BBQ Ribs - here i come!

Kristin said...

hahaha...I'll be sure and let my patients know, if they're having issues. Thanks for the info!

rachel said...

Aw, cute!! happy you have your own space now. Can't wait to hear more stories about the little ones.

Jack said...

2 things - 1st You have to read the book 32 third graders and a class bunny - can't remember the author - guy teacher from california
2nd - you have to keep notes so you can write your own book in a few years. Keep sharing - these are hilarious