Tuesday, June 16, 2009


June 15.

celebrating 2 years.

TWO years filled with...
amazing memories, adventures, laughter, challenges, two moves [one out of state], new jobs, a huge puppy we call Bent, opportunities, and change.

...and the fun continues.

...and this is now [slightly blurry self portraits!]

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with love,


Kristin said...

Em, you look really cute, love your outfit. Jim, you look good too. ;) Sorry I forgot to wish you a happy 2nd anniversary. Whoops. So here's a belated....Happy Anniversary!! Loved having you as a sister Em, couldn't imagine anyone better. (Good job Jim)

rachel said...

happy 2 years! you guys really had such fabulous wedding pics!! hope this next year is filled with blessings! :)

Specks said...

Happy 2 year anniversary!! You guys look great!