Monday, June 1, 2009


11 days of pure bliss.

A trip to Michigan for:
- my sister's high school graduation & open house
- a bridal shower for Courtney [my new sister-in-law!]
- BJ & Courtney's wedding rehearsal & wedding
- Evan's first birthday party!
- and much, much more!

In addition to all the family events I also had time to visit Ikea [near Detroit] with my sister and her best friend, cuddle with my nephew, see many friends, have a bonfire with my sisters/brother-in-law, AND a game of kickball.

Phew! good times all around. It was tough to say goodbye yesterday [and as usual the tears fell as we started on our 12 hour journey "home"]...

But, it feels good to be back in Raleigh. We pulled in around 3 am this morning and I was so grateful for my bed & pillow that were awaiting me!

Thanks for making it a memorable trip! Enjoy the many pictures of the last 11 days.

With love,

Sarah's Open House

Ben Bootsma & the bird he [tried to] rescue

Mom & Sarah

...and Dad too

LOVE this girl.

family lovin'

Sar & Eliza dancing.

two of my favorites

AND, my favorite pictures of the week.
.simple irresistible.

caught in the moment.

Oh, how i love this little guy!

and just like that our time in Michigan came to an end...on the road again...

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rachel said...

guys! we live LITERALLY 10 minutes from IKEA. to think you could have reveled in frappe bliss?! sigh. someday.