Thursday, June 25, 2009

Field Day

Finally, field day came! It has been the talk of the school this past week (yes I am still in school for those of you teacher readers out there enjoying your summer break right now).

As the time drew near for the afternoon segment to start (for the 3rd-5th grade students), I decided it was time to change. I quickly threw on my swimsuit and a t-shirt and made my way out to the playground. You may ask yourself... why the swimsuit? I was going to be in the dunk tank, that's why. A couple other teachers were all dressed and ready to go in when I got out there, so I decided to make my way to the gym and play some basketball and check out the inflatable obstacle courses before I was soaked for the rest of the day. I played a couple games of one-on-one and one-on-two which quickly became one-on-three. Then I walked around checking out the different stations... did a couple Hulas(??) at the hula hoop station, signed a few kids' shirts at the shirt signing station, and passed by many others. I then came to the test your speed baseball throw. Obviously, I got in line. Somehow kids kept going in front of me thinking I was just watching. Then finally Mr. Denman (a 3rd grade teacher), seeing what was going on walked past the 4 or 5 kids that cut in front of me and gave me the 3 cloth-like baseballs. All the kids turned reaching out their hands for the baseballs as Mr. Denman walked past them thinking he didn't see them. Once they saw him give me the "baseballs" they quickly cleared out of the way and became a cheering section, and I got ready to throw my arm out. I think the gun might have been a little tempermental, as my three throws (which all felt equally thrown in my mind) rang in at 19, 60, and 80mph. I heard my record stood all afternoon... no big deal.

Then I headed over to the imfamous dunk tank. Shortly thereafter I got the nod. I climbed up and took my seat where I thought I would last for a little while at least, but to my dismay I went down on the 2nd throw from a 3rd grade girl. The water was actually a nice break from the 95 degree weather and beating sun. I spent about 35-40 minutes in the dunk tank spread between two stints and probably went under about 25-30 times, a couple of those coming thanks to other staff members activating the switch from the back when I truly wasn't expecting it. It is amazing how excited the kids get for the chance to dunk their teacher, and how good of an aim some of the students had. I had another cheering... or maybe more like a jeering section right next to the tank who would laugh at me when I got dunked and then I would spalsh them with water... it was mutual.

Here are a few pictures to document the experience.

First time up, nice and dry and hoping to stay that way...

...But that didn't happen.

Feeling confident after lasting through a few students

Then I was finally taken down for the last dunk of the day

A day filled with sun, water, laughter, dunking, playing, lemonade, gatorade, icee pops, and a whole lot of smiles... a perfect day!

3 more schools days till the end of the year! (4 days until the next school year begins...)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


June 15.

celebrating 2 years.

TWO years filled with...
amazing memories, adventures, laughter, challenges, two moves [one out of state], new jobs, a huge puppy we call Bent, opportunities, and change.

...and the fun continues.

...and this is now [slightly blurry self portraits!]

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with love,

Friday, June 5, 2009

Michigan (Jim's version)

3 1/2 days of pure tiredness.

A trip to Michigan for:
-BJ and Courtney's wedding.
-Evan's first birthday party

Things I missed:
-my sister-in-law's high school open house
-my sister-in-law's high school graduation
-BJ & Courtney's wedding rehearsal
-a bonfire at Rick and Julie's... with Kristin (seriously, I miss those)

In addition to all the family events I also had time to play golf with my brother-in-law and all the groomsmen (first time playing in nearly 8 years, and to my dad and brother's surprise... I had a lot fun - so much for "hating" golf), hang out with Little E (he didn't even cry when I was playing with him on the swings and slides on Sunday... the breakthrough is finally coming), see many friends, AND a game of kickball.

As always, it was a great trip to spend time with family and friends. We got a later start back to Raleigh and finally arrived back at the apartment at about 3:00am. I got a few hours of sleep and was then off to school, it made for a long Monday but it was well worth it!

Enjoy my pictures from those 3 1/2 days

* And Rachel... I was not apart of the IKEA trip with Emily (seeing how I was still in NC at the time), otherwise frappes it would have been!

Thanks for reading about my trip to Michigan.

Monday, June 1, 2009


11 days of pure bliss.

A trip to Michigan for:
- my sister's high school graduation & open house
- a bridal shower for Courtney [my new sister-in-law!]
- BJ & Courtney's wedding rehearsal & wedding
- Evan's first birthday party!
- and much, much more!

In addition to all the family events I also had time to visit Ikea [near Detroit] with my sister and her best friend, cuddle with my nephew, see many friends, have a bonfire with my sisters/brother-in-law, AND a game of kickball.

Phew! good times all around. It was tough to say goodbye yesterday [and as usual the tears fell as we started on our 12 hour journey "home"]...

But, it feels good to be back in Raleigh. We pulled in around 3 am this morning and I was so grateful for my bed & pillow that were awaiting me!

Thanks for making it a memorable trip! Enjoy the many pictures of the last 11 days.

With love,

Sarah's Open House

Ben Bootsma & the bird he [tried to] rescue

Mom & Sarah

...and Dad too

LOVE this girl.

family lovin'

Sar & Eliza dancing.

two of my favorites

AND, my favorite pictures of the week.
.simple irresistible.

caught in the moment.

Oh, how i love this little guy!

and just like that our time in Michigan came to an end...on the road again...