Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing Special

It has been awhile since we posted, but there hasn't been too much going on around here.

I am back to school now, with 6 weeks left to go of this school year, and Emily keeps on delivering those babies.

The Friday before I went back to school, we headed down to Wrightsville Beach for the day. It was a nice day for the beach as the heat wasn't too bad, but the water was freezing. I made myself go in, because who goes to the beach with out going in the water? Not me, I had to get my fix of body surfing.

Life around here is going to be a little different in a couple days as Emily is heading back to Michigan. She flies out early Wednesday morning, and will arrive in MI in time for Sarah's open house that night and graduation the next. I will be staying here for the next week and then driving up to Michigan next Wednesday for BJ and Courtney's wedding. We are looking forward to that. Then, hopefully we'll get to Evan's first birthday party. What a productive trip to Michigan it shall be. Then Emily and I will drive home together on Sunday to be back to work on Monday (at least for me).

Completely aside from that, I have been quite pleased lately with the Detroit sports teams. The Red Wings of course are up one game on the Blackhawks, and I actually got to watch them play yesterday.

The Tigers are finally alone in first place, and have played some great games lately. I must say I think one of the best games I have watched in some time was the Tigers 1-0 win over the Indians on May 8. Being a pitcher and a big fan of "small-ball" baseball this game was nearly perfect. Verlander threw a complete game 2-hitter and Granderson had a phenomenal catch over the wall in the ninth inning to save the game. And to make it even better, in the 8th inning, Clete Thomas ran out (full speed) a routine ground ball to 2nd base and beat out the throw that would have ended the inning, while Granderson scored from third which turned out to be the game winner. It was a great game! Let that be a lesson to every baseball player out there, always run out your hit. Rick, I'm sure you can appreciate that.

Okay that is all I have for now, hope y'all are doing well.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Phew! Tonight ended my 3 in row work week. It's such a good feeling. Here's to 4 days off!

AND, to make the night even better....

Breyers ice cream was $0.45/1.5 quart at Harris Teeter!!! That's right. forty-five cents. [we bought 5]

I heart coupons.

Friday, May 1, 2009

sweet sally stem cell.

We received exciting news last week Wednesday..."Sally" [the recipient of my stem-cells] has been released from the hospital. She is doing great! On day 28 the stem-cells have already engrafted [which means they have made their way to the bone marrow and are producing new cells]. It's crazy and incredible! We're optimistic and hopeful. Continuing to place her life in his hands!