Monday, March 23, 2009

One and Done

well the needles were pulled out at 2:30pm.

The morning started early and we were to the blood center by 8:00am. After doing some more tests and getting a couple more shots, Emily was ready to begin at 9:00am. Her cell counts were on the higher side which is what they were hoping for. The first couple hours of the procedure were going well, so I decided to hand the reigns over to mom for a little while so that I could go and donate some blood. When I returned to where Emily was, it was evident that she was not feeling well. As the time went on, the sickness and pain got worse for Emily. The nurses kept a close eye on her, and did whatever they could to help her feel as comfortable as possible. They were surprised by her sickness and pain, as that were not all that common for this procedure. Thank goodness for blankets, cold wraps, pink buckets, pillows and nurses who would do whatever was needed.

No one was more relieved than Emily when they finally announced the procedure was completed. Emily could finally move her body into the comfort of the fetal position. However, even that position didn't prove to help much either. It was a long and draining day (literally and figuratively I guess you could say) for Emily, and we were all glad when we could come home. Emily was still quite sick in the car on the way home, but has since started to feel better. She is on the couch sleeping right now, and hopefully her body will begin to recuperate during the nap.

I apologize for the lack of details, but maybe Emily will post sometime later and let you know how it all went from her perspective (and I'm sure she won't sugar coat it like I just did). All I can tell you is that the procedure was a success and Emily's body did a fantastic job of producing extra cells for today. The nurses and doctor were all quite impressed. As were we!

Thankfully another day is not needed to get the required amount of cells. Well I think that is all I have to say for now. We greatly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers throughout this process.


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The Kerkstras said...

Glad it is over and what an amazing opportunity Emily to help a "stranger"! Hope you are on the mend--take care of yourself.