Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My [side of the] Story.

We’re in the air on our way back to Raleigh. I just dominated in Solitaire [at last!]. So, I thought I would write a few thoughts down regarding the last five days.

I’m not quite where to even begin…the past weeks seems like a complete blur and in some ways it’s hard to believe this adventure is in many ways over.

It was a tough trip…

But, completely worth it.

My cells were transported to the receiving blood center late afternoon on Monday.
“Sally” [we named her] the stem-cell recipient received her transplant either late Monday evening or early Tuesday.

I’m exhausted. Physically and mentally. Life begins again bright and early tomorrow. It’s almost as if we were never gone…

What a whirlwind of an adventure…

Thanks for praying us through.

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