Tuesday, March 3, 2009

it's a go!

I received the call yesterday, the tests went really well. The stem-cell donation/transplant is a go! Details are still pending, but we hope to be back to Michigan around March 20.

My trip home went really well. It was great to be back to my old stompin' grounds for the testing. I can't believe how much the hospital has changed since I worked there years ago. It was great to meet with the director of the blood center to put a plan into action and to answer questions.

I learned the patient is a 41 year old female with leukemia and lives in the United States, and is in remission. Her odds of survival without the transplant are zero and even with the transplant-odds are not necessarily in her favor.

She is on my mind daily. I find myself trying to grasp what she is feeling, thinking, and anticipating. I simply can't. all i can do is pray.

So, on that note....here's a glimpse into our life the past few [& crazy] days...

[FRIDAY] I returned home to Raleigh around 11pm. it was so good to see my husband: amazing how much you can miss your soul mate after a mere 48 hours.

[SATURDAY] thank goodness for sleeping in + naps
i was exhausted.
we celebrated Jim's birthday.
[it was tough keeping his gift [a wii fit] a secret-i couldn't wait till Sunday!]

what a riot. i was quickly reminded why i don't like to play video games with jim...

he dominates...all the time.

Jim's wii fit age: 22.
my wii fit age: 40....and seriously, NO! I do not trip over my feet when I walk...despite what the wii fit says.

[SUNDAY] a bitter cold and rainy day....a good day for naps, a little wii-fit, church and small group.

[MONDAY] 3.5 inches of SNOW! crazy, we woke up to a winter wonderland. snow day for Jim...back to work for me.

[TUESDAY] 2 hour delay for Jim for possible ice + day off for me = sleeping in. delightful. a day of getting caught up on laundry and cleaning.

so. life is good.
we have so much to be grateful for.

the day of testing

lunch downtown

my love.
i'm head over heels.

the birthday boy
[and homemade cream puff]

yep, he's sweet.

a little yoga

winter wonderland: March 2009
with love.
e. hapner

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Anonymous said...

I trip too, a lot! At least you can blame Bentley, I have no excuse. Shoes is so handsome, is it still in his kiss?