Monday, March 16, 2009

A few more details...and a plea for prayers

As our trip home quickly approaches, the reality of this experience sets in. Yesterday the woman who will be receiving my stem-cells begun her "pre-transplant" protocol. During this time her immune system will destroyed in hopes that her body will accept my cells. Please pray for continued health for her during this pertinent time.

Thursday I begin getting injections to boost my white blood cell count. The side effects can be undesirable [flu like], yet definitely tolerable [and well worth it] Minimal side effects would be great as well as an INSANE production of stem-cells. that would be awesome.

At last we received our travel itinerary...we should be home Friday night around 9pm. I will receive shots on Saturday and Sunday and then Monday morning @ 8 will begin the collection process.

i am excited for what the next week entails.
i am thankful that needles, blood and bedpans don't bother me.
i am grateful we get to see family and friends.
i am ready!

and now a glance into our life tonight:

Jim found a sweet deal on a paper shredder @ Target: originally almost $70: on sale for $18. he currently is shredding every unwanted piece of paper that has accumulated in our apartment [including the Sunday paper] oh, the joy.

AND, I'm devouring a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans-the limited edition red fruits ONLY-amazing.

that's life as we know it.

love from the rainy state of NC.

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