Monday, March 30, 2009

TOP 10.

10 top reasons this weekend was INCREDIBLE.

1. Sarah came to visit!

2. We went to Dos Taquitos, a local Mexican restaurant, and a personal favorite. The food was delicious and the atmosphere and company divine!

3. Sarah did AMAZING in the half marathon on Saturday! She placed 7th in her age group [out of 175 women!] and timed in at 1:43.43. Incredible! We were proud spectators!

4. The rain stopped long enough on Saturday for the race. The temperature was in the low 60's AND, the sun even came out briefly.

5. Sunday was gorgeous [sunny and 80]. We walked through Lake Johnson, found some geo-caches, and went to Sonic for happy hour!

6. We went to Mura-a Japanese restaurant and had SUSHI, for the first time! It was quite an adventure [pictures to follow!]

7. We went to Goodberry's! We stood shivering in line [the wind was brutal] for a ridiculously long time to satisfy our craving for frozen custard. It was well worth it!

8. We played Ticket to Ride AND introduced Sar to the bean game.

9. We made homemade pizza, enjoyed Newton Folly, and devoured brownies.

10. We laughed A LOT.

It was great having you, Sarah! We miss you already [even Bentley. He was looking all over for you when I got back from the airport!]

Come again soon.
We love you!

before the race!

rounding mile 13...the homestretch!



the end.


Mom said...

Go Sarah! Glad you all had such an amazing weekend! Glad Bentley has a new friend, too.

Anonymous said... it interesting?

Sarah said...

i miss you guys and my pal bentley! thanks for the wonderful time!