Monday, February 23, 2009

prayers please...praises too.

The last few hours have been a whirlwind of emotions, activity, planning, organizing, phone-calling and praying.

...let me start from the beginning...

Years ago when working on peds oncology I donated blood and signed up to be on the National Bone Marrow Registry. Then this past fall I received a call that I may potentially be a match. I had more blood drawn and a few months later I received a letter informing me that at that time my stem cells were not needed.

Well, right before 5 today I learned otherwise...I'm a match for a 41 year old female who is in need of a stem-cell transplant as soon as possible.

They are flying me home THURSDAY [in 3 days!!!] for a physical/info session...and then again the middle of March for the stem cell donation.

I am humbled at this opportunity. I am thankful for understanding co-workers and manager. I am completely giddy to see my family...and I am amazed to see how God works.

please join us in praying for:

-the women who will be receiving the stem cells: for her health and preparation
-the doctors involved
-safety in traveling back/forth to Michigan
-my health
-the details that still need to be figured out: particularly with our work schedules-and a peace of mind-knowing that God is in control.

thanks friends.

with love,

PS...anyone want to care for this crazy, fun-loving beast in March while we're in Michigan?!
completely irresistible.


Kristin said...

Wow amazing! How awesome that you get go do something like this for someone. You are hopefully going to save her life! How cool is that?! Not to mention I get to see you!!! I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, come see me. Or if you need to be driven somewhere for appts let me know. Love you!

P.S. Jim's coming up in March too?! Fun!! Sue's kids are going to be here the middle of March too, are we all going to be together?!

John and Leah said...

EM! that's awesome. i think i find it especially significant because john's dad just received a stem cell transplant last week. this woman will be so thankful for you. we'll be praying.