Sunday, February 15, 2009

a month in review.

It's been awhile, to that we apologize. Here is a recap of February for you, our faithful readers!

February 4: MRI on my knee. Thanks to a little Dave Matthews and headphones, it was quite just trying to patiently wait on the results...

February 6-8: We took off to the slopes of WV for a skiing trip with our church youth group. It was the first time skiing for the majority of the group [jim included] and everyone did sweet. Only a few mishaps occurred but, we all made it home, safe and sound, and completely intact. ...just slightly sore.

February 11: The "Dog Whisper" came and worked magic with Bent. He's still a work in progress, but...aren't we all??

February 12: Jim went back to school for a workday

February 13: Jim had another workday and raided little kids valentines day parties. [rough job, eh?]

February 14: I slept in....till 11:30. Thanks to a super busy week at work, I was exhausted and truly needed 14 hours of sleep:) Finally a day to catch up on housework & laundry.
a day that included waffles, a walk, lounging, sweet dinner, and a movie.

February 15: today: church, lunch, read, nap, walk, small group @ church....and

that's about it.

Hopefully y'all are doing well. Here's to another week!


So, I don't really like Valentines Day, and we don't swap gifts, BUT.........
my amazing husband surprised me with a new watch.
love it [and him.]...and I may secretly like valentines a little more than I lead on.

Mom, this one is just for you. Bentley is now weighing in at 75lbs.
he's huge.
and still growing.

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john & kristin. said...

bentley is huge! i might have to put chula in a plastic bubble the next time they play...

I like your new watch! Good job, Jim! We went to Raleigh to shop for a bit and eat at P.F. Changs. We would've liked to come visit, but poor puppy (I'm a guilty dog-owner) was alone for a long time.

Thanks for the update...we're praying for you guys (and your knee!)