Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Thank you for the emails, phone calls, messages and prayers...

What an overwhelming 24 hours!

I'm still unsure of a lot of the details, but my flight is suppose to leave RDU @ 4:25 tomorrow afternoon...

Please pray for safe travels.
I'll be returning to Raleigh late Friday night...

48 hours in Grand Rapids!


Now off to pack, get ready for work tomorrow, and maybe even get a little shut-eye.


Monday, February 23, 2009

prayers please...praises too.

The last few hours have been a whirlwind of emotions, activity, planning, organizing, phone-calling and praying.

...let me start from the beginning...

Years ago when working on peds oncology I donated blood and signed up to be on the National Bone Marrow Registry. Then this past fall I received a call that I may potentially be a match. I had more blood drawn and a few months later I received a letter informing me that at that time my stem cells were not needed.

Well, right before 5 today I learned otherwise...I'm a match for a 41 year old female who is in need of a stem-cell transplant as soon as possible.

They are flying me home THURSDAY [in 3 days!!!] for a physical/info session...and then again the middle of March for the stem cell donation.

I am humbled at this opportunity. I am thankful for understanding co-workers and manager. I am completely giddy to see my family...and I am amazed to see how God works.

please join us in praying for:

-the women who will be receiving the stem cells: for her health and preparation
-the doctors involved
-safety in traveling back/forth to Michigan
-my health
-the details that still need to be figured out: particularly with our work schedules-and a peace of mind-knowing that God is in control.

thanks friends.

with love,

PS...anyone want to care for this crazy, fun-loving beast in March while we're in Michigan?!
completely irresistible.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The things I have taken from teaching...

I often get asked the question (from other, more veteran, teachers): What have you taken from teaching in these first couple of years?

Answering that question is quite difficult, because I have taken so much from my teaching experience so far.

However, some things that I have taken from teaching became evident to me this weekend. I was doing a little cleaning/consolidation while Emily was working the past couple of days when I came across these things. And those things are... pens! Yeah, that's right, pens. The picture should help explain.

Over the last 18 months, I have subconsciously accumulated about 40 pens from school.

It all started in my first ever IEP meeting a few weeks after I started teaching. I felt somewhat prepared for the meeting and had all my paperwork ready and a pen to take all my notes. However, as I passed around some paperwork that needed to be signed while still writing on some different paperwork, I realized I was the only one in the room with a pen. I had to stop my writing and pass my pen around. Ever since that day I have carried around 2 pens in my pocket throughout the day just in case I need to use one or lend one. It has become somewhat of a normal routine when I arrive at school. I get to school, unload my backpack (yes, my backpack... thanks Alan) and then I precede to open my desk drawer and grab those 2 coveted pens (albeit some mornings I would have to run down to the workroom to grab a couple more pens due to my original pens mysteriously disappearing... well, mysteriously until yesterday).

I guess some days I just forgot to take the pens out of my pocket and leave them at school. my bad.

I shall return the pens to school and hopefully they will stay there a little longer than in the past.

At least I finally have a quick answer for people when they ask me about what I have taken from teaching.

Maybe one of these days I'll share what, non-concrete, things I have taken from teaching.
Here's to another week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a month in review.

It's been awhile, to that we apologize. Here is a recap of February for you, our faithful readers!

February 4: MRI on my knee. Thanks to a little Dave Matthews and headphones, it was quite painless...now just trying to patiently wait on the results...

February 6-8: We took off to the slopes of WV for a skiing trip with our church youth group. It was the first time skiing for the majority of the group [jim included] and everyone did sweet. Only a few mishaps occurred but, we all made it home, safe and sound, and completely intact. ...just slightly sore.

February 11: The "Dog Whisper" came and worked magic with Bent. He's still a work in progress, but...aren't we all??

February 12: Jim went back to school for a workday

February 13: Jim had another workday and raided little kids valentines day parties. [rough job, eh?]

February 14: I slept in....till 11:30. Thanks to a super busy week at work, I was exhausted and truly needed 14 hours of sleep:) Finally a day to catch up on housework & laundry.
a day that included waffles, a walk, lounging, sweet dinner, and a movie.

February 15: today: church, lunch, read, nap, walk, small group @ church....and

that's about it.

Hopefully y'all are doing well. Here's to another week!


So, I don't really like Valentines Day, and we don't swap gifts, BUT.........
my amazing husband surprised me with a new watch.
love it [and him.]...and I may secretly like valentines a little more than I lead on.

Mom, this one is just for you. Bentley is now weighing in at 75lbs.
he's huge.
and still growing.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ode to the baldauffs

There's nothing like being reunited with your lifelong comrade [and her super sweet husband!]

[picture from March 2008: Duke Gardens]

We had a great weekend with the Baldauffs [as always!] A 5-mile hike-picnic lunch included, a visit to the zoo, trains, beans, geo-caching, infamous dairy queen run, and much, much more.

We were sad to see them go...

and look forward to our next reunion.

thanks for the laughs & memories. you're both amazing. enjoy those cheerios.
love y'all.

PS. john-congrats to your home team on a job well done.