Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We woke up to SNOW this morning...and lots of it [for North Carolina!] Schools are closed throughout the state, and thankfully I too, had the day off. It has been a comical experience to see the southerners reacting to the winter wonderland!

For example:

-Our governor has already issued a state of emergency.
-People are wearing socks on their hands instead of mittens and rain boots instead of snow boots.
-People are walking around with their cameras on hand.
-My manager has already called to see if I want to spend the night at the hospital to ensure I would be at work tomorrow.

love the laughs. thank goodness for long johns.



Kristin said...

Good grief! They need to come live up north for a little while!

John and Leah said...

um, we're coming to visit next week for the warmth, not more snow. you'd better fix that.

dad h said...

Tough it out Jim & Em.

Anonymous said...

I just took Laura and Joel to see Hotel for Dogs I think your little pup Bentley would fit right in!