Thursday, January 29, 2009

nooo, really?!

No more running. ever.?.

MRI needed.

Knee=still swollen.

Half marathon=plans canceled.

Disappointed-to say the least.

Yesterday I went to see a bone & joint specialist about the pain/swelling in my knee. Xrays were taken. The talk was short-but not so sweet. It's either the cartilage or a torn meniscus. Definite fluid around the knee joint. [It doesn't look that bad.] Hopefully I'll have an MRI in the next few days to confirm the details. But, he said no more running. ever.

It's slightly sore-but it really doesn't hurt that bad, which makes me want to go running even more.

will i really become a cripple by the age of 26 if i don't take the MD's advice? :)

and just when i was starting to really enjoy and CRAVE a good run.


on a GOOD note....

JOHN & LEAH BALDAUFF ARE HERE!! woot-woot. [& jim is tracked out for 2 1/2 weeks AND i have 5 days off from work!]

SO, life is good...just a little bump in the road yesterday.

Now, I just need to find a new life goal....


Kristin said...

Bummer!! Too bad the Dr doesn't tell me I can't ever run again. I really don't like it. Let me know how the MRI turns out.

john & kristin. said...

Sorry to hear about your knee! I'm sure you'll find a new life goal, like getting a tattoo every time you travel to a new country. I have a few more ideas, let me know.