Friday, January 16, 2009

Houston, we have a problem

What a great day-the sun is shinning and it is a mere 26 degrees. It was a cold walk this morning with Bent, but no complaints as temps were in the negative up north this week! It's a cozy, laid back day over here...the chili is cooking and laundry is going. i love days like this...and if it wasn't for the mountain of wash to be done, it would be even better!

My half marathon training continues. It "officially" began last week-I can't say I truly love running yet, but I definitely have caught the "high" it gives after accomplishing my runs. My long run last week was 5 miles and yesterday I ran my longest ever...6 miles! [up in till I started training I never ran farther than 3 miles at any given time...AND, I think I only did that 3 or 4 times in my life! :)]

But, my runs this week have left me with a swollen knee which I can hardly bare weight on. Yikes. Any helpful hints from my avid running friends out there? It felt tight this week when I started my runs, but after 1-2 miles it loosened up and I didn't have any troubles with it. It even felt fine after yesterday's long run....until dinner time-and then I could hardly walk.

Sad. is this what it feels like to get old?

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leah said...

oh, no! the woes of the knee. ice it, baby. see you in a week and a half...i'm sooooo excited.