Monday, December 8, 2008


The countdown continues....

13 days till our trek home begins.
6 12 hour shifts at Rex
6 hours of being "on-call"
9 more days of teaching for jim
4 IEP meetings
1 reindeer romp to run [5k on Saturday!]
2 more presents to purchase
multiple presents to wrap
christmas cookies & goodies to bake

oh. may the days go by fast till we are reunited!

Other than our inability to contain our excitement to see family/friends and celebrate the holidays, all is well here. We have caught colds and are slightly under the weather. So, off to bed I go. I just wanted to check in and ask for prayers on my Mom's behalf...

My mom received disappointing news regarding her heart today-please join us as we pray for peace that surpasses all understanding; for wisdom for the doctors as they determine their next course of action, and for healing/restoration of my mom's heart.

Thanks friends!


1 comment:

john & kristin. said...

John & I will pray for your momma, and your whole family. Sorry to hear...

We are bubbling over for Christmas break, too...when are you leaving for the good ole MI? We're taking off next Friday around noon. Caravan?:)