Wednesday, December 10, 2008

But baby its WARM outside?

Imagine with me if you will....

Emily and I were both up early this morning with her working and me having an IEP meeting before school. Surprisingly when I took Bentley outside first thing this morning, I didn't need a coat. I thought it was too good to be true, but I opted out of wearing a coat to school. I was not disappointed.

The meeting went great (praise the Lord!)... meetings that go well pretty much just make my day.

We also had a fire drill in the morning. As I was standing out with my class on the soccer field, I got warm and had to roll up my sleeves! Crazy.

Surely the weather had to have changed by the time I walked out to my car at 4:30pm right? Wrong... it was balmy. It is true that as I was driving home listening to Christmas music with my windows rolled down the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" came on. How ironic... and completely wrong that song was.

I got home, opened the slider door and windows to try and WARM up the apartment. I then changed into shorts and a t-shirt and went for a walk/run with Bent... amazing.

I'm still not quite used to this southern weather around the Christmas season, and I don't mean to rub it in to those of you in the snow (or even worse those of you in the snow with no heat). I actually miss the snow sometimes, the snowmen, the forts, and the snowmobiles... but mostly the latter.

Anyways I look forward to being with you all in the snowy abyss in a week and a half, as long as its not on any of the roads from Raleigh to Byron Center!!



Kristin said...

Yeah good luck with the no snow on the roads. For the last 2 weeks almost every drive home from work has been harrowing!

~Kris said...

LOL I hear ya, this whole weather thing is pretty amusing when you actually talk about it with the locals.. After Saturday's "scare" of the 4 hours it took to get 1/2 an inch of snow, and now this.. haha It's a different world down here :)

Glad others are sharing in it with me ;)