Wednesday, December 3, 2008

birthday blessings.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, emails, voice mails and cards! I think 25 may be prove to be my favorite year yet! [especially if yesterday was any indication of how the next 365 days may go!]

First off, I must say my husband is simply amazing...

I had the day off work yesterday and was going to meet a dear friend for breakfast-other than that I had no plans for the day, until Jim came home from work...which was fine with me. There was plenty to get caught up on around home-laundry, cleaning, Christmas cards, etc, etc.

So, Jim left early for a meeting at school and I got up around 7:45 to meet Amy for breakfast. I was excited to spend the morning-or at least an hour-catching up.

WeLL...upon arriving to the restaurant Amy wasn't anywhere in sight, BUT....Jim was there-sipping his coffee-with roses next to him.

ah, yes. my husband called in "sick" so I wouldn't be alone on my birthday! greatest surprise of all! [however, the chocolate chip pancakes, park, the hour massage at the local spa, dinner and movie were divine as well!] I can't believe how much thought he put into the day. I am truly blessed.

i guess i should start planning for march 1....any ideas?! :)

Here are a few pictures from yesterday!

love & miss y'all.

ps. less than 3 weeks till we're HOME! can't wait!

hiking @ Umstead

a geocache hidden JUST for me! with a special note AND chapstick :)

my new kicks!

my sweet-action hiking shoes...LOVE them.

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ljb said...

wow. i think you should keep him.