Saturday, December 20, 2008

i'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

the long underwear, boots, winter coats, mittens, sweaters, and snow scrapers are packed [and easily accessible]

BECAUSE in a mere 19 hours we'll be on our way HOME!

It is hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner...i think it reached 75 degrees here yesterday-crazy! ....although, I'm not complaining-1 week of Michigan's wintery wonderland will be enough for me.

please keep us in your prayers as we trek on to the northern country.

We're excited.
only a few more cookies to bake...
may the hours pass quickly till we're reunited.

much love.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

But baby its WARM outside?

Imagine with me if you will....

Emily and I were both up early this morning with her working and me having an IEP meeting before school. Surprisingly when I took Bentley outside first thing this morning, I didn't need a coat. I thought it was too good to be true, but I opted out of wearing a coat to school. I was not disappointed.

The meeting went great (praise the Lord!)... meetings that go well pretty much just make my day.

We also had a fire drill in the morning. As I was standing out with my class on the soccer field, I got warm and had to roll up my sleeves! Crazy.

Surely the weather had to have changed by the time I walked out to my car at 4:30pm right? Wrong... it was balmy. It is true that as I was driving home listening to Christmas music with my windows rolled down the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" came on. How ironic... and completely wrong that song was.

I got home, opened the slider door and windows to try and WARM up the apartment. I then changed into shorts and a t-shirt and went for a walk/run with Bent... amazing.

I'm still not quite used to this southern weather around the Christmas season, and I don't mean to rub it in to those of you in the snow (or even worse those of you in the snow with no heat). I actually miss the snow sometimes, the snowmen, the forts, and the snowmobiles... but mostly the latter.

Anyways I look forward to being with you all in the snowy abyss in a week and a half, as long as its not on any of the roads from Raleigh to Byron Center!!


Monday, December 8, 2008


The countdown continues....

13 days till our trek home begins.
6 12 hour shifts at Rex
6 hours of being "on-call"
9 more days of teaching for jim
4 IEP meetings
1 reindeer romp to run [5k on Saturday!]
2 more presents to purchase
multiple presents to wrap
christmas cookies & goodies to bake

oh. may the days go by fast till we are reunited!

Other than our inability to contain our excitement to see family/friends and celebrate the holidays, all is well here. We have caught colds and are slightly under the weather. So, off to bed I go. I just wanted to check in and ask for prayers on my Mom's behalf...

My mom received disappointing news regarding her heart today-please join us as we pray for peace that surpasses all understanding; for wisdom for the doctors as they determine their next course of action, and for healing/restoration of my mom's heart.

Thanks friends!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

birthday blessings.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, emails, voice mails and cards! I think 25 may be prove to be my favorite year yet! [especially if yesterday was any indication of how the next 365 days may go!]

First off, I must say my husband is simply amazing...

I had the day off work yesterday and was going to meet a dear friend for breakfast-other than that I had no plans for the day, until Jim came home from work...which was fine with me. There was plenty to get caught up on around home-laundry, cleaning, Christmas cards, etc, etc.

So, Jim left early for a meeting at school and I got up around 7:45 to meet Amy for breakfast. I was excited to spend the morning-or at least an hour-catching up.

WeLL...upon arriving to the restaurant Amy wasn't anywhere in sight, BUT....Jim was there-sipping his coffee-with roses next to him.

ah, yes. my husband called in "sick" so I wouldn't be alone on my birthday! greatest surprise of all! [however, the chocolate chip pancakes, park, the hour massage at the local spa, dinner and movie were divine as well!] I can't believe how much thought he put into the day. I am truly blessed.

i guess i should start planning for march 1....any ideas?! :)

Here are a few pictures from yesterday!

love & miss y'all.

ps. less than 3 weeks till we're HOME! can't wait!

hiking @ Umstead

a geocache hidden JUST for me! with a special note AND chapstick :)

my new kicks!

my sweet-action hiking shoes...LOVE them.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


25 years... seems like a long time.

Well, that is what we are celebrating down here in Raleigh today.
Happy Birthday Emily!

She has come along way in those 25 years, and here is some proof.

Em, I love you!