Friday, October 3, 2008


Here my week in short recaps known as highlights:

1. it is the end of the work week... for the both of us, which means a weekend off together.
2. ice cream social at school and my students "attacking me."
3. church picnic... meeting new people, playing a little football, four square and many laughs with the youth.
4. a student bringing in a slap bracelet! (yeah, I took it from her and wore it for the class period).
5. actually getting an IEP meeting scheduled for the day it truly needed to be on.
6. beef stir fry for dinner.
7. lime fluff! (one thing emily made for the church picnic. it was better known as "the green stuff," but it was gone by the end of the night).
8. the many laughs provided by my students (one example: a group is working on worksheets... a student finishes, he says "I'm finished dad...uh, mr. hapner). hilarious!
9. our thermoelectric cooler being delivered.
10. cool crisp mornings.
11. october baseball! (plus, the cubs are down in their series 0-2).
12. searching for campsites for the end of the month to go camping with john and leah!
13. one of my classes writing "mr. hapner rocks" all over my whiteboard when I was in the hall talking to another teacher.
14. finding a gas station that actually had gas on the 3rd attempt.
15. discovering "fall for you" by secondhand serenade.
16. hearing evan "talk" on the phone.
17. free doughnuts and bagels leftover from a student council meeting.
18. my two 4th grade students having an amazing debate about the gold rush! maybe its just because I'm a teacher, but I thought it was the coolest thing.
19. crossing another book off the newbery list- maniac magee.
22. 2 more weeks until track out!!
23. my dad turning one year older.
24. pandora radio online
25. yuengling.

25 reasons why this was a good week.


rachel said...

dude, i saw a slap bracelet earlier this year! they must be making a comeback. i used to have a zebra striped one. sigh.

John and Kristin said...

Jim, I won't tell John about #11...he cried all night. I totally agree with the crisp, cool mornings...I'm missing my Michigan fall, and not to mention Michigan football! Are you and Em going to MI for Thanksgiving?

~Kris said...

LOL I love the list...

And I saw a "slap bracelet" for drinks.. it was hysterical!