Saturday, September 13, 2008

michigan emotions

Today I will update you quite frequently as I watch the Michigan game. You will be updated on my different moods as the game progresses.

First things first, I am excited that I can actually watch a Michigan game.

However, The mood has now changed. They bobbled the opening kickoff, then fumbled the ball on their 10 yard line. We are now losing 7-0. I'm not happy.

Wow, Wow, WOW!!! This is ridiculous, Michigan can't even catch a kick. I am even more unhappy.
No way! they just scored as I was typing the last sentence.... this is not good, not good at all.

I'll be back soon, hopefully in a better mood. 11:00 1st Quarter 0-14
Not gonna lie... I called that fake punt. Okay, good job Michigan, now we just need a touchdown to follow it up.
This sucks. 4:51 1st quarter 0-21.
YES!!!! McGuffie is awesome. 1:56 1st quarter 7-21. My yelling woke up Bentley... whoops.
Nice pick Trent!
Alright, alright. here we go (I'm positive now) 5:41 2nd 17-28.
These fumbles are unbelievable.
Seriously, stop fumbling the ball!!! 14:50 4th quarter 17-35
All that was missing from this game was a silver platter... in which Michigan could have handed the game over to Notre Dame on.

I'm ticked.

Hope you all are having a better Saturday than me.

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