Monday, September 8, 2008

just me & my gang

what a great weekend! friday night was laid back as the storms were a brewing...the rain kept us in-along with warnings from our governor, but a little origami, some fine reading, and hourly storm updates kept us entertained for hours.
Yikes! the first attempt proved to more difficult than we anticipated.
saturday we visited John and Kristin in Fayetteville. [John and Jim were college roommates, and now John is in the army and stationed at fort bragg.] what a riot! it's so refreshing reconnecting with old friends! the food was delicious-[compliments to the chef!] and we spent the evening catching up and playing games.

sunday-church and then an afternoon at the park-an evening walk around the lake and movie at Brittany's. a perfect and relaxing way to end the day.

my boys
bentley...growing like a weed!

here's to the beginning of a new week! love to all.


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Kristin said...

He looks like a big stuffed animal, so fuzzy...uh...Bentley that is, not Jim :)