Wednesday, August 6, 2008

800 mile memories

We're back from up north... Michigan was wonderful. We enjoyed many family get togethers, outings with friends, a noteworthy performance by team "Nuts & Honey" at the annual wiffle ball tournament, and much-much more. Goodbyes were tough, but hopefully we convinced a few people to come visit before we trek back to the great mitten state come December!

Sarah [my sister!] made the long drive back to NC with us and will be staying till the 15th...hooray! I'm sure she'll make her annual post later...but I thought I should chime in to let y'all know we're back-safe and sound-and missing you already!

Here are a few pictures of our new apartment!

Dining room
ps. notice anything suspicious in the left hand corner?!
more to come on our newest addition, due to arrive on Tuesdy!

Living room with [fireplace!]
2nd view of living room

GUEST bathroom
[come visit and YOU too can use it!]

We have so many pictures to post and memories to share...hopefully in the days to come Jim and Sar will get on the bloggin' bandwagon too.

till we write again...


1 comment:

Aunt Deb said...

Hey...I thought you were going to swing by Beverly Hills on your way back home! :-)
Your new apt. looks great..seems we have the same superb taste in Ikea chairs.
Glad you made it home safely!
Aunt Deb